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 +== Measuring electrical bio-signals with a differential amplifier ==
 +Biosignals are generally measured using three electrodes because we use an instrumentation amplifier: positive, negative and ground. Sometimes the negative input is connected to a group of electrodes instead to just one electrode, for example [[ecg:​v1_v6|V1,​...,​V6]].
 +The electrodes here are from [[http://​​ECG-Electrodes|Pulse Medical and are standard ECG electrodes with studs]]. The cables were made from snaps (which can be bought at [[http://​|Mandors]]). In the following clips we will use both the hand made and and the [[http://​​ultimate-ecg-easy-clip-for-stud-tab-electrodes|professional]] electrode clips.
 +After this general introduction we are going to show you step by step how to measure ECG and EEG: 
 +  * [[ecg:​einthoven|ECG]]
 +  * [[eeg:​alpha|EEG]]
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